October Ballot Bingo Extravaganza!


We are full of fun over here at The Little London Show. So much fun that we can make even that most mundane topics exciting, interesting, full of hilarity. (That is what we tell ourselves, at least).

Introducing October Ballot Bingo Extravaganza! Your opportunity to win prizes and greatness from local places around Colorado Springs. It’s a game. It’s knowledge. It’s awesome.

Here’s how it works:

You print the corresponding Ballot Bingo card from this website and then tune in! As we say the phrases on the card you get the corresponding box. Shoot for a blackout.

Play as a drinking game (21+ only) by drinking for every box you get. (We recommend local brews and distills if you go this route) Double drinks for boxes in bold.

Play as a knowledge game by guessing the answers before we say them and only getting the boxes you got right. Incorporate drinking if you want!

Make up your own way to play! We don’t even care! Just grab a card, grab your friends, and tune in!

How to Win:

Social media is key! Pics, status updates and talking about the game gets you attention! The best pics, most creativity and your (appropriate) selfies will put you in the running for prizes to be handed out at the end of the month. The more you play, the better your chances to win!

BALLOT BINGO Week One _ City Budget One oh Fun
Click to see image and Print

Tag your social media shares by mentioning The Little London Show and/or using the hashtag #keepitclassyCOS.  Blast the fun out to your social media peeps and we’ll be watching.

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