Episode 19: What Would it Really Take to Revolutionize City Council?

IMG_7663The Colorado Springs Independent published an article last week called No Council for Old Men: What to Know About Running for City Council if You’re Not a Geezer. The sub-tag in the print version was 20 Tips and Tricks for Sparking a City Council Revolution.

Upon reading the article and asking listeners for their input it became obvious that the young professional voice wasn’t represented in the article. So, we are going to try and fix that with this episode of The Little London Show.

Listen is as we first talk to an amazing local non-profit, Yobel Market and Yobel International, then we dive into what we think it would really take to revolutionize City Council – from pay to voter turnout to listening to the voice of those under 40 and being more representative we tackle some the big problems.

Enjoy the show!

Note to all listeners:

CORRECTION: In a previous version of this episode we identify one of the City Council members against the 2013 pay raise, former Councilmember Paul Kleinschmidt, and erroneously connect him to Gordan Klingenschmidt. We apologize and deeply regret this error and have removed this section from all future on demand and downloaded episodes of The Little London Show. Our apologies to both men.

If you listen(ed) to The Little London Show Episode 19 version that contains this content, please disregard.



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