Get the Info You Need and Caucus Today!

It’s Super Tuesday! Yay! Today is the day that we can get to our precincts and show our support for Presidential candidates as well as experience the enthusiasm of other voters in our community.

Caucuses are not like any other part of the voting or civic engagement process in the United States. They are special, and specially designed. Here are a few places you can find information on what a caucus is, how you get to your caucus meeting place based on your voter registration, and what the outcome of the caucus actually means when it comes to presidential nominees:

Colorado Public Radio: Colorado Caucuses – What you Should Expect if you Go

Colorado Independent: Confused about the Colorado Caucuses? Here’s the Deal

Colorado Springs Independent: Your Caucus Location May have Changed

Colorado Springs Independent: Republican or Democrat, Here is what you Need to Know about the Colorado Caucuses

Basically, this is what you need to do/know:

If you are registered as a Democrat or Republican in Colorado, and have been since before January 4th, 2016, you can caucus! You need to know your caucus precinct. Call one of the below phone numbers to get that information or visit the state website and look it up by your name and address zip. When you get your voter registration number pay close attention to  the last three digits of your precinct. That’s how you find where to go.

El Paso County Democratic Party: 719/473-8713
El Paso County Republican Party: 719/578-0022
El Paso County Clerk & Recorder’s Elections Division: 719/575-8683

You can also try this website for Republicans: and this one for Democrats:

Then, show up BEFORE 7pm! Doors will open at 6, and some people recommend getting there early.  The meeting will be explained and led at that time. Just go with the flow and be proud because you caucused!!

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