Episode 30: The Art and Strategy of Picking Presidents


Episode 30With all of the talk of Presidential nominees, caucuses, and the force that is Donald Trump we were curious; how does this all work? Join us as we discuss how the Democrats and Republicans go about choosing their Presidential nominees, how the caucus experience was and some of the pros and cons of our current system. We also take a look at how the Republican Party can go about stopping Donald Trump from winning the Republican Presidential nomination. Politics! It’s fun. And terrifying.

In this episode we also talk about the proposed land swap between the Broadmoor and the City of Colorado Springs. For details on the swap and a list of upcoming public meetings please visit the City of Colorado Springs website devoted to the exchange.

Darcie also mentions that the search phrase “How do I move to Canada” dramatically increased after Super Tuesday. Here is a great article on just how much more Americans are looking into a Canadian relocation.

Episode Corrections: Jeff mentions that George O’Malley was running for President when he really meant Martin O’Malley, and Darcie mention that Britain’s “presidential” election process is shorter. She actually meant the election for Prime Minister.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Gavin H. Rogers says:

    Can anyone tell me who took this photo of me (I was the caucus president). Also, can I get a copy of the photo?


    1. Jeff M. says:

      I did! I will email it to you right now!


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