Episode 38: Can You Brand a City?

Colorado Springs leaders are soft-launching our new branding of Olympic City USA. Is that a good idea? Did the powers-that-be make good decisions? Can we all get behind this thing?

Branding a city isn’t easy. There are long processes involved, research and marketing know-how. What happens when the city doesn’t go through those steps? Well, see the top right photo below and tune in to get some inside knowledge from our special guest, Troy DeRose of Fixer Creative.












Here are some links to things we talk about in the episode:

The Branding Document explaining Olympic City, USA

Gazette Editorial #1

Gazette Editorial #2

Examples of Municipal Logos (Good)

San Diego – not great but at least comprehensive and with some strategy


British Columbia (tourism) really nice work here


Logos that were reversed because of public outcry

University of California

Tropicana and more

The Gap


Rhode Island — really recent and already got the tagline axed


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