Episode 41: WTF Is Up With Our Healthcare System?

Episode ImageThe United States healthcare system is a multi-trillion dollar industry that, if spun off from the United States, would form the fifth largest economy in the world! The problem; with all of these dollars spent on healthcare in our country our system isn’t really that good. In fact, it is pretty f*cking terrible. In this week’s episode we look at why so many dollars does not translate to good care, why Americas aren’t really able to function as consumers in our current system and how other countries approach healthcare. We also have a series of tips for how you can monitor your medical bills and be a better health consumer. 

In the episode we refer to several charts, graphs and our usual stats and facts. We’ve provided those below so you can see for yourselves. America! Bad at healthcare.


This chart shows how much more the United States spends on healthcare as a percentage of GDP than other countries. France’s healthcare system, at 11.6% of their GDP, is ranked number 1 in the world. The United States is ranked 40th.


One of the big reasons for our high health care costs is the incredibly high cost of drugs in this country. America produces some great drugs, which the rest of the world gains access to at a much lower price.

Spending levels

Of the more than $2.00 trillion we spend on healthcare every year, more than half of it is spent on about 5.00% of the population. Part of the issue; we don’t provide comprehensive, ongoing care as efficiently as possible.

health sector profit margins

Think insurance companies are the ones making the money in the healthcare system? They are, but not really that much. The big winners? The care providers.

Want more? Vox.com has a few great articles on why US Healthcare System is so dysfunctional.

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