Episode 42: WTF is Up with our Healthcare System, Part 2


Well, we couldn’t get through all the nuances of the U.S. Healthcare system in one episode, so we brought a few of the big things to know into Part 2.

13315680_1026726487419827_1901533964720515528_nWe jump into what makes France the #1 healthcare provider in the world (according to the W.H.O., at least); some stats and facts regarding the Affordable Care Act; what the alternatives are for healthcare in the U.S. -including things like concierge medical and single payor states; and we get tired of talking about healthcare and just stop towards the end to discuss some other things.

Our Health Insurance Expert has offered to help navigate specific questions that you may have. Submit your questions via email at jandd@thelittlelondonshow.com or DM us on social media. We will compile a list and do a bonus pod of Q&A within the next few weeks. If you have questions about your charges, your bill, your coverage, or the relationship between doctors and insurance companies then submit your question, today.


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