Episode 45: What We’re Reading, Watching & Following This Summer

IMG_9880Summer is officially here! We take a breather from some of the more serious topics we’ve been covering lately to talk about what we are enjoying this summer. TV Shows, books, movies, gardening and everything in between.

We also talk about the disparities in how men and women sport teams are paid at the professional level, Darcie’s gardening and water coloring adventures, the amazing convenience of Blue Apron. Check out some of the things we are consuming this summer. Let us know what you are reading, following and watching!

Daniel Silva’s Gabriel Allon series for those of you who like spy novels

Static, a book about the media by David and Amy Goodman.

Sodelushious, a fun site by Chrissy Teigen with some great recipes.

The fantastic TV show Banshee.

The Boys in the Boat, about the 1936 US Men’s Olympic Rowing Team.

Colorado Collective, one of our favorite local magazines.

A great politics podcast for you to check out, Keepin’ it 1600.

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