Episode 52: The Olympics are Pretty F***ed Up

IMG_0043All of the news about the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics got us thinking; are all of the Olympics pretty f***ed up? They are! But each in their own, glorious ways. Join us as we delve into the beginning of the modern Olympics, the beginning of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and how the two have combined to create some really terrible things. We start with the 1936 Berlin Olympics and bring you all the way to Rio 2016 (aka: The Poop Water Olympics).

Take, for example, the fact that in the 1936 Olympics Hitler wanted to ban ALL Jewish people from competing in the Olympics from ALL countries, and the United States almost agreed to it! Or, how South Korea used some of its own citizens as virtual slave labor to produce Olympic merchandise! Human rights: not a strength of the Olympics. Tune in to your favorite podcast platform to hear more about why the Olympics are really, truly, f***ed up.

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