COS by the Numbers: Your Window into Our City via the Numbers that Matter

Welcome to Colorado Springs by the Numbers. A semi-monthly look at the numbers that matter in the COS and Colorado.


The number of homeless people that were told to leave the Springs Rescue Mission “tent city” that existed on a parking lot owned by SRM. The removal of the tent city is forcing its former residents to relocate to creek beds, parks and other areas as the city continues to face an extreme shortage in shelter options and as winter weather approaches. The Springs Rescue Mission is undertaking an expansion that will eventually be able to house 243 people during cold weather months. However, it is not expected to be ready before the winter. We’re left wondering where, exactly, folks are supposed to go . . . [The Gazette]


With the opening of Loyal Coffee in late September the city is now home to 5 “third wave” coffee shops within a three square mile radius of downtown Colorado Springs. If you don’t know what “third wave” means you probably don’t have tattoos or strange body piercings and have never had good coffee in your life.


The number of miles work crews have paved in Colorado Springs since the implementation of the 2C tax passed last November which raises approximately $50 million a year to rehabilitate city streets. The city hopes to pave 32 more miles before the end of the year. No word on how many of those paved miles included bike lanes, but we can probably assume at least one or two of those miles will include a bike lane leading into some sort of mortal danger. [The Gazette]


The number of square feet the new Pikes Peak Summit House visitor center is projected to encompass based on current plans. The building will house a food court, retail space, interpretative center and approximately eleventythousand tourists trying to take selfies while eating donuts. [Colorado Springs Business Journal]


The number of higher education institutions working together to form the “Quad Innovation Partnership” which will be located in the basement of the building currently housing Loyal Coffee and connected to Blue Dot Apartments. The space will “feature space for events, coworking, meetings and could also serve as a marketplace for entrepreneurs to prototype their goods and services…” according to Jacob Eichengreen, the Executive Director of the project. The schools involved are Colorado College, Pikes Peak Community College, UCCS and the US Air Force Academy. We are taking bets now for the first school to refer to another as a “safety school”. [Colorado Springs Business Journal]


The number of voter signatures required to place a citizen initiated proposal onto the ballot for this election cycle. The signatures can be collected from any city in the State. This form of direct democracy will change drastically if Amendment 71 passes, which will increase the requirements to place a proposal on the State ballot, making it both more difficult and more expensive for regular citizens. People supporting the measure include many old white guys and oil companies. Think about that one. [Colorado Public Radio].

Colorado Springs by the Numbers is a blantant rip off inspired by’s excellent Significant Digits column. Make sure to check it out and send us any numbers that you find interesting at




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