WTF Is On the Ballot (Part 4): Funding D11 Schools with 3C and 3D

img_1995In the last edition of our ballot series we sit down with Shawn Gullixson, Co-Director of the Board of Education for District 11, the largest school district in the city, to talk about 3C and 3D. 3C will raise money for capital improvements in the school district through the issuance of bonds, and 3D, which will increase the mill levy (property tax) for residents in the D11 school district to provide ongoing funding.

Over time, the State of Colorado has increasingly cannibalized education budgets to fill in funding gaps.¬†Colorado ranks 38th in the country in State spending per student. 3C and 3D seeks to bridge the gap. You can read the full text on 3C here and on 3D here. For a good article in support of the measure check out the CSBJ article on it here. We tried to find an opinion column on why you should not vote on these initiatives but surprisingly we couldn’t fine one!

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