COS By the Numbers || October 30

35 and 834,065,926

The number of credible cases of voter fraud (35) out of the number of ballots cast (834,065,926) between 2000 and 2014. For the math heads out there, that means in person voting fraud occurs  a whopping .000004375 percent in national general elections. Voting fraud is often cited as a reason for stricter voter ID laws, which typically serves to suppress the minority and poor vote. Voting fraud has become an issue in this year’s dumpster fire of a Presidential race, with Republican candidate Donald Trump continuing to escalate his rhetoric that the voting process is “rigged”. Coincidentally, .000004375% is also the number of female interactions that Donald Trump has had that didn’t involve some sort of sexual innuendo or outright assault. []

$28 million

The projected annual shortfall D11 faces due to a recent decrease in state funding. D11, the largest school district in the city, is requesting a funding increase through the 3C and 3D ballot measures. 3C would see an increase in property taxes for those living in District 11 and 3D would see the issuance of bonds to raise money for capital improvements. Most D11 schools are over 50 years old. No word yet on whether Americans for Prosperity supports the tax increase or thinks that the American Dream and “economic prosperity for all” is better reached by forcing kids to learn in old, dilapidated and crowded schools. AMERICA!! [Colorado Springs Business Journal]


The percent of respondents that said “no” when asked if recreational marijuana sales should be expanded in Colorado Springs, according to a telephone poll commissioned by the Gazette. The poll asked 600 “likely El Paso county voters” and was conducted county wide. Statewide, recreational marijuana tax revenue brought in approximately $8.5 million dollars, of which Colorado Springs receives $0.00. The city of Colorado Springs is home to approximately 440,000 residents. Thankfully the Gazette has determined the city really doesn’t want recreational marijuana because 372 of us said “no”. Excellent reason to not try and get it on the ballot! Tax money; who needs it?! [The Gazette]


The amount a jury ordered Douglas County resident Casey Ferguson to pay as a result of a lawsuit arising from Ferguson colliding with a Chicago area man on the Flying Dutchman run at Keystone Resort. The collision resulted in the plaintiff suffering from a joint separation and missing three months of work at the Chicago Fire Department. The amount is expected to be covered by Mr. Ferguson’s parents’ homeowners insurance. That’s because, as you may have guessed, the super gnar shred bro still lives with his parents. [The Denver Post]

$1.2 million

The amount that UCHealth will pay to the Colorado Springs Health Foundation as part of its revenue sharing agreement with the city. The 2012 lease agreement that saw Memorial Hospital transition to management under UCHealth requires for a certain percentage of UCHealth’s revenue from Memorial to be remitted to the foundation. The $1.2 million will be disbursed to programs that help provide care for the poor, suicide prevention, active living and other focus areas as determined by the Foundation. In case you forgot, the city was required to pay PERA (Public Employees Retirement Association of Colorado) $190 million to settle a dispute arising from the city transitioning the hospital to UCHealth. But hey, at least the city got $1.2 million dollars back for a Foundation that isn’t controlled by the public. Hooray! [Colorado Springs Business Journal]


The number of electoral votes up for grabs in Colorado. As of publication, Hillary Clinton has a 87.00% of winning Colorado. The number of electoral votes Colorado possesses won’t really tip the scales in the election (look toward Ohio or Florida for that), but that hasn’t stopped Mr. Trump from bombarding Colorado with personal appearances, ads and his spawn in an effort to tip the scales, which is probably not a great use of his comparatively meager resources. Mr. Trump’s business acumen knows no bounds. [FiveThirtyEight]

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