Episode 66: Why is Our Criminal Justice System so F***ed Up?

img_2264-jpgThe United States of America has the highest prison population rate in the world. Within that prison population there are stark racial lines and stark economic lines. How did we get here? Why does our system look the way it does? We dive in to explore it historically, legally, and practically.

Prison reform has been a hot topic lately. It made rounds during the Presidential Primaries, and has been a highlight of several news organizations. In this episode we mention that the news organization Mother Jones sent an undercover reporter in as a prison guard to see private prisons from the inside. Check out that story HERE.

We also cover a lot of stats. Here are some of the graphs we refer to so you can see them for yourself. These come from Mother Jones, Vox and The Sentencing Project:

Understand where we, as a country, are starting so you can understand policy changes coming down the pike. This episode is available on iTunes, Stitcher or Soundcloud.

In this episode we mention how Darcie and her friends went to see Mortified in Denver and were the only ones dressed up in 80s clothes. Here is the photo to show how all in they were in a crowd of normally-dressed folks.



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