COS By the Numbers || November 17

The election last Tuesday was obviously a blow to many people that listen to the show and read this column. It was a signal that many citizens of this country are discontent with how the Federal government has been operating. There are issues that this election brought to the surface that obviously need to be addressed, by both parties. However, we can not be lulled into this “wait and see” attitude with the new President. His campaign was fueled by outright lies, racism, misogyny and a incredibly troubling deference to the views of the so called “alt-right”, which is really just a nice way of saying “racist assholes”. We need to be vigilant, we need to be united, and we need to make sure that we find ways to build governments, both nationally and locally, that work for everyone.

And with that, your COS by the Numbers:


The amount anonymously donated to the Pioneer’s Museum to fund the museum’s “Story of Us” exhibit for the next three years. It is the largest donation in the museum’s history. If you haven’t been to the Pioneer’s Museum you should definitely check it out. Admission is free. They put on some truly fantastic exhibits. And you can escape back into a time before a fraudulent pumpkin became President of the United States. [Colorado Springs Business Journal]


As in Initiative 300, the City of Denver ballot proposal that allows public consumption of marijuana. Holy shit! I had no idea this thing was on the ballot! City leaders and businesses have a lot of things to figure out, including whether or not the Trump administration will continue the mostly hands-off enforcement of marijuana that the Obama administration adopted. The initiative will allow for some sort of smoking patio connected to bars, with full implementation of the measure to be achieved by 2020. I don’t really like this one. Proponents say it helps make marijuana use more mainstream, but does it really need to be so “mainstream” that we all have to get a contact high walking through Denver? Yet another reason to enjoy COS more. [5328 Magazine]


The University of Colorado Buffaloes current ranking in the latest College Football Playoff rankings. This is a remarkable turnaround for CU, which has won more games this season (8) then they have in their previous five years of membership in the Pac-12 conference. These are exciting times for CU football. The last time they were playing this well the program hit a roadblock after a sex scandal and multiple failed coaches. So we can look forward to either a bowl game or more scandalous headlines. Go CU! [Denver Post]


The percent of Denver’s population, about 109,000 people, born outside of the United States. Both the Denver and Aurora police departments, the largest in the State, have issued statements indicating that the departments will not enforce federal immigration laws in the wake of Trump’s election. Essentially, both departments are stating that immigration enforcement is a federal, not a state, issue, and they will not “enforce, investigate or detain individuals based on their immigration status.” [Denver Post]


The reported seed money each of 25 millionaires in the city of Colorado Springs donated to found Colorado Springs Forward, a lobbying/policy/Illuminati-esque group that is putting support and dollars into things like 2D (retaining excess tax revenue for trails), 2C (the road tax) and the Strawberry Fields land swap. The Colorado Springs Independent has a piece up on the group that is worth reading. It is evident that the group wants to move the city forward, as the name implies. HOW they do that, and more importantly WHY they want to go in those directions isn’t very clear or transparent. Colorado Springs Forward will be a force in next year’s City Council elections, so start paying attention now. [Colorado Springs Independent]

Colorado Springs by the Numbers is a blantant rip off inspired by’s excellent Significant Digits column. Make sure to check it out and send us any numbers that you find interesting at

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