Thanksgiving Week Survival Kit

Dear Listeners,

There will be no new release of The Little London Show this week. So sorry! (Not sorry, we need a break, too). Regardless, we didn’t want to leave you hanging. The holidays are always a mixed bag of awesome and dread so we are here to help.

Since we can’t tell you to listen to the newest episode of the show on your plane ride or car ride to family gatherings and friendsgivings, we thought we would provide you with some other high-quality material to dive into. These are some of our favorite podcasts and episodes to help get you through the travel blues. We’ve split them into categories so you can grab what you need.


Mortified Podcast

You are about to enter the land of long-told stories, embarrassment that you will never live down, and memories still painful to recall. Why not go with some camaraderie? Tune in to Mortified and listen to your peers from all over the country recount embarrassing stories from their youth. Laugh until your cheeks hurt and tears stream down your face. Realize we’ve all been there and have a story to tell. At least you aren’t on stage in front of hundreds of strangers ready and willing to laugh at you, you are with family ready and willing to laugh at you.

Whistle Stop Week

WSW is a new, local podcast that features our one-and-only Darcie! Tune in to this comedy/current events show that brings humor and obscurity (and expletives) to the news cycle. Teams are given random points, absurdity is awarded and no topic is off limits.


The Watch

Get caught up on all things pop culture with The Watch. From TV shows and movies to new music releases, these guys have opinions on all of it. It’s explicit and fun and will give you a good break from all the crazy happening out in the world.


Ezra Klein Show

Klein is one of the founders of the news site In his podcast he interviews interesting people who have a lot of amazing things to say about the world. In Vox fashion, they dive deep in to topics instead of skimming over the top. We recommend the talk with Ron Brownstein, especially, if you are trying to navigate and understand our country. We also highly recommend the episode with Deborah Tannen who talks about gender roles and communication styles. It may help you better navigate your mom as she meddles or your uncle Harry as he makes brash, borderline racist remarks.

NPR Politics Podcast

NPR does a great job getting us the news, but the politics podcast is a vital supplement. Various perspectives, commentary, longer-history and personal examination make up this short, but informative podcast. It’ll get you in the know without drowning you in sadness.

Keepin’ it 1600

When your hosts are former aides to President Obama and are intimately aware of what politics looks like from the inside, you are sure to get great insight. Tune in for some inside info that you aren’t likely to find anywhere else – at least not like this.


Focus on the Beer

Our local beer guys talk beer news, openings, closings, rumors, and even do on-air blind tastings. We recommend their latest article about pairing craft beers with your crazy family members this season.

The Little London Show

We always love to see you go back to your favorite episodes or the ones you missed! Time to catch up because we have some really great stuff starting next week! Plus you can give us an early present by subscribing on iTunes and leaving a glowing review 😉

Happy Listening!

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