Episode 69: Trump’s Cabinet Part One


President-elect Donald Trump is pulling together his cabinet of advisors and department leads. We are breaking down their bios and letting you know what to watch out for. This is Part One. Be sure to tune in to Part Two as well. Let the red flags wave.

Part One

Steve Bannon as Chief Strategist and Senior Advisor (5:45)

Read: New York Times Critics See Stephen Bannon, Trump’s Pick for Strategist, as Voice of Racism

Donate to Black Lives Matter in Steve Bannon’s name HERE

Steve Mnuchin, Department of Treasury (12:45)

Read: Vox Steven Mnuchin: Trump’s Treasury secretary pick is a banker with no known qualifications or views

Elaine Chao, Department of Transportation (18:55)

Read: The Washington Post Trump Picks Elaine L. Chao for Transportation Secretary 

Andrew Puzder, Secretary of Labor (27:28)

Read: The Wall Street Journal Trump Picks Fast-Food Executive Andy Puzder as Nominee for Labor Secretary

Retired Marine General James ‘Mad-dog’ Mattis, Secretary of Defense (34:32)

Read: The New York Times James Mattis, Outspoke Retired Marine, Is Trump’s Choice as Defense Secretary

Ben Carson, Department of Housing and Urban Development (41:30)

Read: NPR Trump Taps Ben Carson for Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

Watch: Ben Carson losing his luggage on CNN

Betsy DeVos, Department of Education (48:02)

Read: The Washington Post A Sobering Look at what Betsy DeVos did to education in Michigan – and What She Might do as Secretary of Education



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