Episode 70: News You May Have Missed

img_2850We have been deep diving into the political sphere lately and we need a break! You probably do too.We take a break from the Trumpacalypse to catch you up on the world at large. Believe it or not, the world is still spinning.

This week we pick a few pieces and news items that you may find interesting, including the fall of Wonder Woman as UN Ambassador, a prosecutor’s abuse of power, a great piece by Vox on healthcare in the south and the continuing evolution of Green technology (including the very first US offshore wind farm).

We also talk about our Dryanuary game for January 2017. You can sign up here. The pieces we talk about this week can be found below for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

The UN drops Wonder Woman as a UN Ambassador.

This prosecutor is a total fucking dick.

Google is going green.

England is using cryogenics to store energy.

The first offshore American wind farm. America!!

Obamacare enrollees voted for Trump. Seriously.

Turns out, Pokemon isn’t solving the nation’s obesity crisis.

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