Episode 74: Girl Power! Cyclist Jillian Bearden

img_3418Jillian Bearden is a mom, wife, electrical engineer, competitive cyclist, COS native and the leader of a groundbreaking woman’s cycling team. Her name used to be Jonathan.

Join Darcie and Jeff as they talk with Colorado Springs cyclist Jillian Bearden on her burgeoning role as a leader in the cycling world and how she is using her transition to help pave the way for transgender athletes in the United States. Jillian’s work with the International Olympic Committee and USA Cycling is helping to establish guidelines to allow male to female athletes legally compete at the highest levels of the sport. She is also taking her effort to the national level, establishing the first all female Trans National Women’s Cycling Team, who are looking to compete in their first USA Cycling sanctioned race in North Carolina.

Jillian’s story is a powerful one. You can find more great pieces about her by visiting our friend Tim Bergsten’s column in the Independent or by checking out Nicole Odell’s piece in 303 Cycling. You can follow the Trans National Women’s Cycling Team on both Twitter and Facebook.

Enjoy the show!





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