Episode 75: Gerrymandering

img_3482-jpgThere are a lot of answers to the question “How did we get here?” This is just one of them.

In this episode of The Little London Show we dive into the strategic manipulation of the voting public – Gerrymandering. We cover it from it’s history to it’s recent ramifications.

While the word in itself might be boring, the affect and power of the act has been in existence since the 1800s. Whenever you hear the terms “districting” or “redistricting” think of the salamander’s tail that got 1810 Massachusetts’ Governor Eldbridge Gerry in trouble and gives the party in power a chance to redraw lines so they stay in power.

During the show we mention this chart, which explains how gerrymandering works using simple blocks:


We also talk about the crazy district lines of North Carolina:


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Oh, and don’t forget to try your own hand at redistricting from RedistrictingGame.org.

Happy listening:

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