Black History Month || Exhibit to Go See: Force/Resistance at the FAC

Every year since 1976 the United States has observed Black History Month. Today’s policy, news and activist movements are weighted in the conversation around and experience of race in America. As part of our observance of Black History Month we will be publishing information and recommendations of film, music, books, lectures, and events that shed light, tell story, inspire action, open doors and influence the conversation of race in America.  We will not stop on February 28th, as the conversation should not stop on February 28th, but we hope this dedicated time will be influential and informative. See the rest of this series of resources in honor of Black History Month HERE.

Two artists comes together to present their depictions of social and environmental injustice at the Fine Arts Center starting February 25, 2017. In Force/Resistance, Floyd Tunson and Dareece Walker collaborate to “stimulate dialogue around the complex relationships between systems of power and violence in the United States . . . including racial profiling, mortality, racially motivated conflict and legislative oppression.”

Find out more at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center website HERE.

Read the Colorado Springs Independent article about the exhibit HERE

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