COS City Council Candidate Answers: David Geislinger, District 2

David Geislinger

David Geislinger is running for a city council seat in District 2. Here are his answers to the questions we sent to every candidate across the districts. The only changes we have made are for formatting. Everything else is exactly as submitted.

Need to know which city council district you are in so you can be ready to vote April 4th in local elections? HERE is the map of the current districts. 

Do you support establishing a salary for city council members that represents this full-time position serving our city? Please elaborate.

Yes.  The lack of a salary is a barrier to political participation.  Without a salary the only ones who can serve must be wealthy enough to do so.  Most people are forced to choose between political participation and providing for themselves and their families.  One must never have to choose between serving and starving.       

What is your opinion on current parks funding?

Given current budgetary constraints, there is insufficient discretionary funding to justify increasing parks funding beyond current levels.  As our citizenry funds our City more responsibly, supporting our parks and open spaces will be a priority as our relationship to the outdoors and mountains is the fundamental identifying characteristic of Colorado Springs.      

In your opinion, how do we drive economic growth for our city?

In the short-term, current economic growth is being realized.  But long-term economic growth requires a visible commitment from our community.  We cannot expect a business to invest its money and physical and human resources long-term in a community that refuses to invest in itself.  But if we invest in ourselves, businesses will be more inclined to partner long-term with us.       

What are the top three (3) issues you feel need to be addressed by local city government during the upcoming term.

The fundamental “issue” we face is a lack of appropriate image.  We are a large city – the same population as Atlanta – yet historically ‘tackle’ problems only when they arise, as if we are somehow able to govern ourselves as a small town.  It is this ‘issue’ that must be resolved so that we can collectively position ourselves to anticipate the future with its problems and potentials.  In the meantime, given current constraints due to our historical failure to properly fund our city, the top three funding priorities are stormwater, infrastructure/roads and public safety (police/fire/streets).  

 What is your opinion on Colorado Springs becoming a Sanctuary City?

Colorado Springs should not seek to interfere with national prerogatives just as the federal government should not be allowed to interfere with State and local government rights preserved through the Tenth Amendment.  Establishing ourselves as a sanctuary city is a local government attempt to interfere with issues of federal autonomy.  However, while I do not support Colorado Springs setting itself against legitimate federal authority, I am strongly opposed to any attempt to prevent our city – or any of its citizens/businesses/religious institutions/etc. – from choosing to accept, provide care for and otherwise shelter immigrants regardless of nation of origin.    

Do you feel that the Colorado Springs Utilities board should continue to be made up of City Council members? Please elaborate.

No.  It is unreasonable to expect council members to have/gain the needed expertise to manage Utilities.  Independently, Council has many priorities from which it is distracted because of its Utilities management duties.  The Office of the Mayor and/or Council delegate management of many city functions to professionals with specialized expertise (police/fire/parks to name a few) and should do the same with Utilities.  

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