COS City Council Candidate Answers: Richard Skorman, District 3

Photo of Richard Skorman, Candidate for District 3.
Photo of Richard Skorman, Candidate for District 3.

Richard Skorman is running for a city council seat in District 3. Here are his answers to the questions we sent to every candidate across the districts. The only changes we have made are for formatting. Everything else is exactly as submitted.

Need to know which city council district you are in so you can be ready to vote April 4th in local elections? HERE is the map of the current districts. 

Do you support establishing a salary for city council members that represents this full-time position serving our city? Please elaborate.

Yes I do now and have in the past. When the Council that I was on before placed $12,000 for Council and $18,000 for Mayor — it failed.  If we paid enough of a living, say 35 or 40k, then we could attract more than retirees to serve. But voters don’t seem to like to give Council money.

What is your opinion on current parks funding?

Not enough.  I was part of the committee to place a 10th of a cent sales tax increase on the ballot this April but Council didn’t want it to go forward.  Our park infrastructure is failing and there is a huge need to build trail connections and greenways that will attract Millennials from the North Front Range and new economic growth.

In your opinion, how do we drive economic growth for our city?

As mentioned above, we need to attract Millennials from the increasingly congested and expensive North Front Range by: making us one of the most bicycle friendly cities in the country; retiring Drake soon and taking down it’s footprint to allow for the creation of an Arts District, confluence water park and the construction of Affordable Housing; renegotiate our Franchise Agreement with Century Link and Comcast to get higher speed internet and continue to expand downtown.  We also need to continue to promote our Olympic brand, allow Peterson to expand its missions through the renegotiation of the Banning Lewis Ranch Annexation agreement and continue attract Cyber security industries.
What are the top three (3) issues you feel need to be addressed by local city government during the upcoming term.  

1. We need to get storm water funding out of the General Fund in order to pay enough to attract and retain the best Public Safety personnel and increase Community Policing and response times. 2. We need to set up a separate Fire, Flood and Landslide Protection District in our Wildland Urban Interface neighborhoods and Districts by a voter approved Mill Levy that crosses jurisdictions and provides the funding to put in place mitigation and air surveillance protections for the impeding natural and man-made disasters that will likely occur.  3.  As stated above, maintain our parks, trails and open spaces and create the recreational amenities and pedestrian and bicycle transportation options to grow our economy.

What is your opinion on Colorado Springs becoming a Sanctuary City?

Don’t understand exactly what that means but we need to make sure that our police don’t cooperate with ICE to tear apart families and deport law abiding local citizens whether they are here legally or not.

Do you feel that the Colorado Springs Utilities board should continue to be made up of City Council members? Please elaborate.

Yes.  When we put in place an all professional board at Memorial Hospital, it became very self- serving.  CSU isn’t broken under the current system – cheap rates, excellent reliability and customer service, high quality water, great bond ratings and the owners (ratepayers) have direct access to its Board — Council.  I would like to see the Board have more professional outside advice as a check and balance to the Executive Team and hire a new Director when Jerry Forte retires with a broader environmental ethic.


Check back each day for a new release of candidate answers.

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