COS City Council Candidate Answers: Deborah Hendrix, District 4


deborah-14-1024x683Deborah Hendrix is running for a city council seat in District 4. Here are her answers to the questions we sent to every candidate across the districts. The only changes we have made are for formatting. Everything else is exactly as submitted.

Need to know which city council district you are in so you can be ready to vote April 4th in local elections? HERE is the map of the current districts. 

Do you support establishing a salary for city council members that represents this full-time position serving our city? Please elaborate.

I do not believe this should be a full-time position.  We do not need to additional cost to our city budget.  I believe we need to streamline some of our processes and become more efficient.  Our role is legislative and the mayor’s role is executive – we need to allow the mayor and his team to carry the load of carrying out the budget, standard operating policies, etc.

What is your opinion on current parks funding?

We need to review how we are handling the upkeep of our parks, trails, etc with our current funding.  We have many parks that are not being taken care of and that hurts our communities, tourism and overall beautification of our city.

In your opinion, how do we drive economic growth for our city?

The city needs to review the regulations, taxes and ordinances that would allow Colorado Springs to be known for its friendly business climate.  We have had businesses relocate here and then leave – that needs to be reviewed to determine what will attract them to our city, keep them in our city and help them to grow their business, either providing a product or service.

What are the top three (3) issues you feel need to be addressed by local city government during the upcoming term.

#1 Priority: Stormwater infrastructure

I will support a legal avenue to deal with this overwhelming need for our community.  This has been an ongoing conversation for years.  Colorado Springs has a minimum of a Billion dollar stormwater problem.   We have an obligation to our neighbors in Fountain and Pueblo and we are currently being sued by the EPA.

#2 Priority: Public safety

We need to make sure that the growth of our city does not leave us behind in having the appropriate number of police or fire firefighters to meet the needs of this city.  These public servants need to be provided with the needed training and equipment to do their jobs safely for themselves and the residents of this community, especially in District 4.

#3 Priority:  Boosting our economy

Although City Council does not create jobs, we create regulations/policies/ordinances that make our community a business friendly climate or not.  We need to review our regulations and taxes to make sure businesses want to relocate, stay or start in Colorado Springs.

What is your opinion on Colorado Springs becoming a Sanctuary City?

Colorado Springs has a shortage of police officers to provide protection of our current citizens.  We do not need to incur additional cost due to harboring individuals that choose to not become citizens and commit crimes in our city.  We need to follow the law and protect the citizens of Colorado Springs.

Do you feel that the Colorado Springs Utilities board should continue to be made up of City Council members? Please elaborate.

I would venture to say that the board should contain subject matter experts and the city council members would not appear, to me at this time, to provide that level of expertise and detail that would be needed for this billion dollar enterprise. I believe these individuals could be appointed or elected along with two members of city council.

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