COS By the Numbers || March 17th, 2017

Hello my friends! My apologies, it has been many moon since I’ve bombarded you with the latest and greatest in numbers oriented things happening in COS, Colorado and beyond. Has much changed in the last month or so? The days are getting a little bit longer. We recorded yet another taste test that somehow involved some of us losing our clothing and the Trump Presidency is still careening around the toilet bowl of lunacy. So…not much has changed! This week we bring you a dog that finally found her way home, the end of Southside Johnny’s, a new downtown apartment building and…. To the numbers!


Remember Slide the City, that giant waterslide thing that pops into the city for a day in the summer, shuts down an entire street near a popular park and charges lots of money to slide down it? Apparently part of their business model is piggybacking on the networks and goodwill of local non-profits, using their volunteers for (free) labor, and then totally stiffing them when it comes time to remit the promised donation to said non-profit. The latest victim is UpaDowna, who was promised a $3,600.00 donation in return for their work on the 2016 event. To date, no funds have been received, and Slide the City is looking to come back to COS for 2017. To which we say “go fuck yourselves.”  [Colorado Springs Independent]

15 Years

Southside Johnny’s is closing after a 15 year stint on downtown’s south side, ending the run of one of the most popular bars in town. Johnny Nolan, the owner, anticipates opening the N3 Taphouse on Colorado Avenue in April, and will shift the workforce from Johnny’s to the new spot. Southside Johnny’s was one of the anchor locations for what became a bit of a revival on the south side of Tejon, which we hope will continue as new ownership takes over the building. Hats of to you Mr. Nolan – we loved South Johnny’s and hope to visit your new endeavor soon! [The Gazette]

22 Months

The length of time that Pearl the Dog roamed the wild of the city’s Westside after escaping from the family that adopted her from the Humane Society. Pearl managed to escape repeated attempts to capture her and not only managed to not get picked off by coyotes or mountain lions but seems to have gained a significant amount of weight during her time in the wilderness. Tom Caughlan, Pearl’s owner and questionable fence operator, reported that “Everyone said she looked kind of chubby” when they spotted Pearl roaming around. Pearl finally made her way into a home on the Westside and Caughlan was contacted soon after to reunite with his dog. [Colorado Springs Independent]

$45 Million

The bi-annual Outdoor Retailer show is leaving the State of Utah after legislators there have indicated that they are unwilling to protect public lands in Utah from energy development. Unsurprisingly, Colorado is now in the running to bring the show to Denver, hoping to bring the $45 million Outdoor Retailer brought to Utah into Colorado’s economy. Thanks Utah representatives for putting in jeopardy one of the only things that makes your weird ass state bearable. Colorado will be happy to step in and show Outdoor Retailer a good time. [Denver Business Journal]


The number of new apartment units expected to be completed near the end of 2018 in developer Darcy Nicklasson’s new “Casa Mundi”, or “World House”, apartment complex. Nicklasson, the developer behind the Blue Dot apartment complex, anticipates that building will include both retail and apartment spaces. The unit will be built next to the Old Towne Bike shop. [Colorado Springs Business Journal]


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