COS By The Numbers || March 24, 2017

Happy Friday! Some election funding action, poor electoral turnout and Utah craziness to brighten your last day of the work week. Enjoy!


The amount the most well funded candidate in the race for City Council has amassed so far. The leader? Richard Motherf’in Skorman. Fundraising is a big issue in the COS council elections this year as developers, via their avatar Colorado Springs Forward, have dumped money into the race in support of certain candidates. The chart below indicates the difference between developer funded candidates and “independent” funded candidates, with Jill Gaebler’s opponent Lynette-Crow Iverson leading the “developer” funded candidates with a total of $55,257.00 raised.

And hey whoever is funding the shitty negative ad campaigns against candidates: KNOCK IT THE FUCK OFF. It isn’t helpful. Most of it is incredibly misleading. You are pushing people away that should be voting. Stop being a bag of dicks and start acting like reasonable human beings. Fuck.

End rant. [Colorado Springs Independent]



The amount of ADDITIONAL votes that would have been cast in the most recent general election (the one that elected Trump) if young professionals in our city, defined as voters aged 25-39 years old, voted at the same rate as the 65 and older group. That is insane! What are you doing?! Get off your ass and vote! Another scary number? 18-44 year olds make up 46% of registered voters,  but only case 38% of the votes. We did a whole show on this for next week so check it out. And in the meantime FILL OUT YOUR DAMN BALLOT!


The cost, per vehicle, an independent analysis has determined auto manufacturers would have to spend to meet the 2025 standard of 54.5 mpg across their entire fleet. The EPA originally estimated the cost to be $1,378 per vehicle. The standard, put in place by the Obama administration and now cited by the Trump administration as burdensome and leading to job losses, is potentially on the chopping block as Trump continues his rampage through logic and science. The analysis, completed by the International Council on Clean Transportation, indicates that fuel savings by consumers will offset the higher sticker prices on the vehicles. Point being: requiring better gas mileage might be a good thing for consumers. And the Earth. [The Gazette]

133 billion pounds

The amount of food the US Department of Agriculture estimates goes to waste every year. Estimated value: $161 billion. A local Colorado Springs company, Food Maven, has built a business around making sure some of that food doesn’t hit the landfill. The result? Lower prices for restaurants, less food waste and supporting local business. Winners all around! This is a great article, give it a read. [Colorado Springs Independent]

.05 percent

The new DUI threshold in Utah. Or, as we call it at Little London Headquarters “Colorado’s half cousin who might have something a little wrong with it.” The new limit reduces the previous DUI threshold from .08, making Utah the owner of the strictest DUI threshold in the country (but NOT the owner of Outdoor Retailer, suckers!!). The American Beverage Institute indicates that a 150lb man would be over the .05 limit after two beers, while a 120lb woman would exceed the limit after one drink. No one should drive drunk, but damn that is a boring night out! [The Denver Post]

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