Episode 93: WTF is Up With Russia?


Ep 93 titleComey! Flynn! Obstruction of Justice! RUSSIA! There is a lot going on in Washington, DC these days. So much that it makes covering current events difficult. However, there are some things that we can dive into that make understanding what is happening in Washington easier to understand. This week we invite DC Jim in to discuss what exactly obstruction of justice is, why we are talking about it, how impeachment actually works and why firing the Director of the FBI is a really big deal.

We also cover some current events including what we are watching on Hulu and Netflix and talk about Cooper v. Harris, the new Supreme Court case that has implications for gerrymandered districts throughout the country. For a refresher on gerrymandering check out Episode 68.

For a good article linking to all of the news around the firing of FBI Director James Comey head on over to this Vox.com piece.

Enjoy the show!


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