2017 Bike to Work Month!


instaquote-_tempHello friends! We are taking a break from recording this week. June is Bike to Work month so we put together a little guide to the fun things happening in the COS bike scene.


Starlight Spectacular. The Trails and Open Space Coalition is hosting their 23rd annual Starlight Spectacular on Saturday, June 17th at 9:00PM. Details and registration for the event can be found here. This year’s ride has a superhero costume theme, which will finally make all of the spandex Jeff insists on wearing while cycling somehow more appropriate.

Bike to Work Day 2017. You should definitely sign up for this year’s Bike to Work Day, which will take place on Wednesday, June 28th from 6am to 9am. You can sign up for the event here. Most locations include coffee and breakfast to fuel you for the rest of the day.

New Trails!

Missing Link. One of the most exciting things happening this summer is the work being conducted on the Missing Link Trail which will connect Barr Trail to the Cheyenne Canon/Bear Creek trail systems. Check out Medicine Wheel Trail Advocates for all of the news surrounding the trail. Once completed, hikers, runners and bikers will be able to complete a nearly 30 mile loop around the mountains surrounding Manitou Springs and Colorado Springs. Not bad!

The Legacy Loop. This spring saw the groundbreaking of the new Legacy Loop Plaza which hosts parking and a picnic area for the 10 mile loop that will wrap around downtown Colorado Springs. There isn’t a solid timeline for completion, however new segments are scheduled to begin construction this winter. You can follow the project via the city’s Legacy Loop page.

Red Rock Canyon Open Space. There are several new trails in Red Rock Canyon Open Space, the result of the master plan that was completed in 2013. The new 1.5 mile loop, dubbed the Overlook Trail, connects Red Rocks into the Section 16 area. For a good break down of the the changes in the park check out Lance Benzel’s Gazette article.

The groups making cycling in the COS more awesome: 

Medicine Wheel Trail AdvocatesMedicine Wheel’s mission is to “create, sustain and advocate for quality mountain bike experiences for the riders of the Pikes Peak Region through advocacy, trail building, outreach and education.” Medicine Wheel has been the driving force behind a lot of the new mountain biking trails in the area and are organizing the completion of the Missing Link trail.

Bike Colorado SpringsDedicated to making the city of COS more connected and bike friendly, Bike Colorado Springs is a great resource tracking the ongoing bike related projects in the area and providing talking points and other resources to help people get involved.

Catch up on what is happening in the COS bike world: 

Episode 79: COS City Streets and Bike Lanes. In this episode Sarah Humbarger of Downtown Partnership and Cully Radvillas of Bike Colorado Springs talk to us about bike plans and economic development surrounding the new bike lanes being installed downtown.

Episode 74: Girl Power! Cyclist Jillian Bearden. Join Darcie and Jeff as they talk with Colorado Springs transgender cyclist Jillian Bearden on her burgeoning role as a leader in the cycling world and how she is using her transition to help pave the way for transgender athletes in the United States. Jillian’s work with the International Olympic Committee and USA Cycling is helping to establish guidelines to allow male to female athletes legally compete at the highest levels of the sport.

Episode 39: Becoming Bike City USA. We chat with Kate Brady, the city’s Senior Bicycle Planner and Allen Beauchamp, the city’s adaptive cycling specialist, to talk about all of the GREAT things happening in the city to make it more bike friendly. We also talk about the limitations of bike share, how “right sizing” streets can lead to more livable neighborhoods and some of the exciting projects coming our way.


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