Episode 110: WTF Is On The Ballot – Money

Ep110 TitleThis week we continue our October ballot series with a dive into the underlying structural components of the state constitution that provide context to the ballot issues up for a vote. Sounds boring, right? We try to make it fun!

First we look into ballot issue 1A which asks voters if El Paso County will be able to retain 2016 excess revenue in the amount of $14,548,000.00. This measure is a result of the TABOR requirement to refund taxpayers excess revenue if a government entity collects more than projected under TABOR guidelines. We discuss what the money would be used for if voters approve the measure.

Next we look at the proposed 2018 city budget and where the revenue comes from and how sales tax revenue, while at record highs, is not a sustainable source of revenue that we should continue to rely on. We follow up discussing the budget with an examination of the the Gallagher Amendment and how its limit on property taxes, along with TABOR, results in the educational funding shortfall that has driven the D11 funding issue back onto the ballot.

Lots of information on this one. We thought some of the charts below would be helpful in understanding how the city budget works. Enjoy the show!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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