COS By The Numbers ||October 13th, 2017

We are in the midst of ballot season here at LLS Headquarters so short COS by the numbers today. We hope everyone is having a happy Friday, and don’t forget to start keeping an eye out on those ballots! Your COS by the numbers:


The number of candidates currently vying for the prestigious progressive evolving bat shit crazy 5th Congressional District that encompasses much of El Paso County. The seat has been held since the beginning of time by Doug Lamborn; a caricature of a human man that has been programmed to vote based on whatever his perception of the popular Republican sentiment is at any given moment. The winner of the district will most likely be Republican. Which means we will either get a fiscal conservative or a virulent racist. Or both! The modern Republican party: the things your racist uncle says at Thanksgiving time, come to life! [Colorado Springs Independent]

$16.3 million

The increase in the projected 2018 city budget as proposed by Mayor John Suthers. The increase is up about 6% from the 2016 budget. Higher projected sales tax revenue collection in 2018 is the big driver behind the increased budget for 2018. While we should celebrate a bit that the city is thriving right now let’s also keep in mind that sales tax is, by FAR, the largest source of general fund revenue. As the economy goes so will the city budget. But I digress. Some highlights!

  • $900,00 in increased funding for park maintenance, recreational and cultural service needs
  • $5.5 million to address police and fire compensation issues and civilian compensation issues
  • $180,000 increased funding to Mountain Metro Transit

We covered the importance of adequately funding our public safety division in Episode 99, which the city is appearing to address. Keep in mind this budget does not include the possibility that the storm water ballot initiative passes. In that event, the mayor will submit an amended budget, the heads of Doug Bruce and The Gazette FWB will explode in a fit of rage and Pueblo and the EPA will stop suing the shit out of COS. Winners all around! [Colorado Springs Independent]


The number of passengers that traveled through the Colorado Springs Airport by August of 2017; a 29.3 percent increase from August 2016. The increase in passengers is another highlight of what has been a very successful run for the COS Airport in the last few years. With Frontier Airlines continuing to increase flights from COS the airport should see continued growth in 2018. We talked about why having a thriving airport is important to a city in Episode 73. The growth of the airport is something we can all get behind. Especially if it means we can avoid driving to the apocalyptic hellscape known as the greater Denver metro area. [Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC]



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