Episode 111: WTF Is On The Ballot: Stormwater!

Ep 112 Title ImageStorm water, and the approaches to dealing with it, has a long and tortured history in Colorado Springs. We are the only major city in the entire country that does not have a dedicated funding source to maintain and expand storm water infrastructure. The lack of funding has been catastrophic for our city.

Join us as we discuss the history of storm water funding in COS and how “kicking the can down the road” has resulted in an EPA lawsuit and threats to our water source. We dive into previous efforts at storm water funding and how those went awry. We also visit with Rachel Beck from Invest in COS to talk about the current ballot initiative and how citizen input formed the proposed storm water enterprise.

This is a really informative episode that provides you everything you’ll need to vote intelligently on November 7th. More questions? Let us know!

For a good pro/con look at the storm water fee check out this piece from The Gazette.

For a good overview article of the whole issue head over to the Colorado Springs Independent.



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