Episode 112: WTF Is On The Ballot – Widening I-25

Episode 112 Title

This is the last episode in our deep dives into the November 2017 ballot issues. Almost time to vote! With DC Jim joining us in the studio we dive into a TABOR refund ballot initiative that will go towards the I-25 widening, as well as a reallocation of the PPRTA tax that will also go towards the widening project.

As Colorado anticipates an influx of 3 million new residents in the next decade, The I-25 widening project is a priority of CDOT and Front Range communities. We look at how much the project will cost and how our ballot comes into play with the expansion. Later on the show we look at the Volkswagen settlement and how that will be applied to the state of Colorado.


In next week’s episode we will put together some cliff notes of everything we have covered so that you can vote feeling informed.

During the show Jeff mentioned an article from NPR about sleep. You can read that article here. Enjoy the show!

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  1. Nick says:

    I have a conflicted position on widening I-25. There’s a part of me that wants our commuters to be able to get back and forth between Denver and COS quicker and safer.
    Then there’s the other side of me that knows widening roads is usually bad for the overall traffic picture because it increases the incentive to drive instead of making people consider alternative methods. When people get sick enough of traffic they will start taking the bus, carpooling, scream until there’s high speed rail, or get a job in the city the live in, or move to the city where their job is. We make it so easy to make that commute everyday, people are going to keep making the decision to drive. With gas prices so low, a whole other topic, there’s no incentive to use alternate transportation. Why wouldn’t people keep making the same decision to drive all by themselves?
    The other thing to consider is that we’ve seen a huge growth in enplanements and routes from the COS airport. Part of that is because people are sick of the traffic between COS and DIA. If that barrier is reduced again people will be more inclined to drive to DIA and we could be at risk of losing our new found success at the airport. Frontier has said if we don’t continue to fill planes, they will remove the service.


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