Episode 118: Bail Fail

EP 118 Title ImageThe United States bail system is the primary way our courts deal with pre-conviction imprisonment. Those that are charged with a crime, but not yet convicted, have the option to trade money for freedom. But in many cases, as our criminal justice system increasingly criminalizes poverty, defendants are simply too poor to gain their freedom through bail, creating havoc for people whose lives are often lived on the edge of desperation.

In this week’s episode we sit down with Nat Stein from the Colorado Springs Independent to talk about the United States bail system, its origins in English law and its evolution in the American justice system. We also look at the different forms of bail and the reform efforts taking place. For some great articles on the bail system check out this piece from Slate and this piece from Vox.

Later in the show we take a look at a more local issue as Nat walks us through her recent article in the Independent on how non-jailable ordinance violations are putting homeless people in legal limbo. A great show lots of good information. Check it out and thanks for listening!





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