Dryanuary 2018: Week 1!


MONDAY, JANUARY 8th, 2018: We made it through the weekend!

We always like sending out the updates on a Monday during Dryanuary because the weekend is always great fodder for epic fails. For instance, we had one participant (Team Beer) literally attend a drinking festival while another (BrendaTheBlenda) was asked to demonstrate how jello shots works (they work by forcing you out of Dryanuary!).

For all of those still in, nice work! You have been awarded 1 extra ticket. In the past we have found that the second week is our week of the highest attrition rates. We have lots of great “Unsupportive Spouse” stories in the mix for the judges to ponder, and your social posts have been downright outstanding. OUTSTANDING! Extra ticket to KBenz for the #portraitsofDryanuary hashtag.

For full standings click on the link below – we will update every Monday during Dryanuary. As of Monday, January 8th, 2018 say hello to your top ten (it turns out that men are spectacularly bad at this game so far):

  1. Vee-IPA (13)
  2. DatzDry (10)
  3. KBenz (10)
  4. Designated Driver (9)
  5. Hakuna Mattea (8)
  6. Cuba Not So Libre (8)
  7. DisAintPhun (7)
  8. Furby (7)
  9. Dean (6)
  10. Larry (6)

Full Standings

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