Episode 121: What You Really Want to Know About National Monuments

Ep 121 Title

This week we tackle a topic that goes beyond the borders of Colorado but has huge implications for much of the mountain west: the push back on National Monuments by the current administration.

National Monuments are a special breed in the National Park/Open Space landscape. They are created solely by the President of the United States; granting him (or her) immense power to carve out and protect land and sea and allocate a funding source to help maintain the newly protected areas, via the National Park Service and the Department of the Interior.

But with an administration looking to trim back the Federal budget, and with special interests such as mining and oil companies hoping for more access to federal lands, National Monuments have become a target of the Trump administration. In December of 2017 President Trump reduced the most recently designated National Monument, Bears Ears, by more than 80% – the largest reduction of a National Monument in history.

In this episode we dive into what it takes to create a National Monument, the history of National Monuments, National Parks and the National Park Service and how stretched resources, constitutional law, and the Trump administration are impacting the effort to protect our country’s wild places.

Enjoy the show!

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