Episode 126: Don’t Accomodate the Bully


This week we wanted to catch you up on things that we have found interesting in the media, in the podcast world and beyond. Which we do! But we also spend some time exploring what it means to deal with the bullies in our world, whether it is the toxic co-worker or a national political party. Our new motto: “Don’t accomodate the bully.”

Beyond our new t-shirt idea, here is a rundown of what we’ve found especially interesting in the last few weeks:

The Freakonomics Podcast discussing a very interesting new economic paper looking at the gender pay gap between Uber riders.

This great VOX piece on why even the best mental health screening probably isn’t going to solve the mass shooting problem.

Carolyn Finney, author of “Black Faces, White Spaces: Reimagining the Relationship of African Americans in the Great Outdoors” who is examining the relationship between minorities and America’s natural landscapes. You can find her on YouTube and listen to her on the Podcast 1A.

Minda Honey’s piece Women of Color in Wide Open Spaces.

Enjoy the show!




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