COS By the Numbers ||Week of April 25th, 2018



Why, hello there! Welcome to a politics heavy version of COS By the Numbers. This week we take a look at how a Republican victory in Arizona portends bad bad things for Republicans in November, a inept Congressman being inept in his continued efforts at Congressional ineptitude, and of course; what the hell is happening with Hitch Rack Ranch. If you missed them, make sure to check out our latest shows on Teacher pay and global Sustainability efforts. On to the numbers!


The number of valid signatures needed for a GOP candidate to gain a place on the primary ballot. Which current 5th Congressional district Congressman Doug Lamborn has failed to do. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!! One of our most useless representatives in Congress has managed to not even get pre-qualified to continue to try and be more useless. The Gazette has a nice piece on all of the legal maneuvering, it is worth a read. Here’s to hoping we get someone, ANYONE, that will actually represent the district, instead of making policy decisions based on conspiracy theories and whatever Fox and Friends is focusing on. [The Gazette]


The margin of victory by Republican Debbie Lesko in a House of Representatives special election held in Arizona on Tuesday night. While victorious, Lesko’s single digit margin is giving many Republicans reason to panic. Trump won the district by 21 points in 2016. As Republican pollster Mike Noble puts it – “Republicans shouldn’t be hitting the alarm, they should be slamming it”. While the Republican majority may be vulnerable come November, in order to make sure it is beatable remember: get out the vote! [Politico]

$13 million

We are about a week post tax day and I hope that all of you came out of tax season relatively unscathed. You know who came out of tax day looking pretty good? Intuit, the corporation behind TurboTax: Everybody’s Most Hated Costco Purchase. Intuit makes a lot of money every tax season. Why? Because our tax code is a fucking mess, and Intuit is very, very invested in making sure it remains a fucking mess. Between 2011 to 2015 Intuit spent $13 million dollars lobbying Congress to ensure our tax system does not become more efficient. You know all of the tax forms you get every year – 1099s and W-2s? The IRS also gets a copy. Which means that the IRS could potentially prepare your tax return for you. For free. As like, part of what you already pay the government taxes to do. Instead Intuit is foie gra’ng Congress with cash so that we can continue hate purchasing TurboTax at Costco. [Vox]

2000 pages

The size of the second application submitted by Transit Mix to the Mined Land Reclamation Board in Transit Mix’s effort to be allowed to mine at Hitch Rack Ranch. The quarry mine is a very touchy subject, dividing multiple groups in the Front Range area. Transit Mix threw a nice head feint into the whole thing by releasing sketches of the proposed bike park that the old quarry in Colorado Springs would be turned into if Hitch Rack goes through. The second application reduces the size of the new proposed quarry as well as the mining duration (from 55 years to 30 years). Which is a little bit like saying it would be nice if Trump didn’t last the whole 4 years: yeah, I guess we are glad he is gone, but holy hell he really fucked shit up for the time he was there. [The Gazette]

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