COS By the Numbers || Week of May 21st, 2018



As you may have read, the summit between North Korea and the United States has officially been cancelled, as increasing hostility from North Korea has led President Trump to pull out of the talks. Trump cancelled the summit by writing the leader of a country that regularly starves and tortures its citizens a nice letter with this actual line: “You talk about your nuclear capabilities, but ours are so massive and powerful that I pray to God they will never have to be used.” Confirming once again, that when it comes to international diplomacy, having a dick measuring contest via nuclear weapons brings ALL the boys to the yard. To the numbers!


Potential jobs lost as Chipotle, the fast-casual Mexican chain that was started in Denver, relocates to somewhere in California. The move is a result of new CEO Brian Niccol’s desire to “drive sustainable growth” and better position itself in the “competition for top talent”. I have two questions Brian. What does “sustainable growth” have to do with relocating to California? That place is pricey as shit. And two, you can’t find top talent in one of the fastest growing cities in the country? You aren’t building a fucking rocket. You are wrapping burritos and trying to keep the e coli at bay! (too soon?) [5280]


The amount that Elizabeth Holmes, the CEO and chief fraudster of Theranos, the medical device company that promised to revolutionize medicine, has been fined by the SEC. This, in layman’s terms, is a crazy fucking story (it is also, in layman’s terms, a pretty weak fucking penalty for ripping people off to the tune of tens of millions of dollars. But I digress). If you haven’t been following the Theranos saga, here is a short recap: Elizabeth Holmes dropped out of Stanford at 19, created a start up business that focused on providing blood tests with a simple drop of blood (instead of the multiple vials usually required). She used that idea to raise millions of dollars in startup capital, attract a very prestigious board, and start building some miracle testing machines. As it turns out, it was all a giant lie built around a cult of personality. But $500,000 seems reasonable. [Wired]


Bike share is coming to Colorado Springs! The initial roll out will have 208 bikes serving 28 hubs spread throughout the downtown area. This is the first phase of the project, which is expected to grow throughout the city. We are incredibly excited about this – so excited we recorded a show about it with the Downtown Partnership’s economic vitality coordinator Alex Armani-Munn. Look for that next week. And make sure to join us on June 27th for our happy hour bike rides co-hosted with Focus on the Beer and Bike COS. [Downtown Partnership]


As in the Amendment. Which, according to a New York judge, prevents President Trump from blocking users from his personal Twitter account. The judge’s ruling is based the finding that Trump’s twitter account (@orangeantichrist) functions as a public forum, therefore a person cannot be prohibited from expressing their political speech on that forum. The ruling would most likely have come out in favor of Trump if he had separated out his personal Twitter account from his governmental Twitter account (@PREZorangeantichrist). However, because he has a propensity for mixing business, pleasure, and whatever he considers governing, the court held that the account has moved out of Trump’s private sphere into a public forum. The good news for Trump; he can “mute” people all he wants. []


The number of spots Colorado Springs has fallen in the annual Trust for Public Land National Park Score Ranking report. The ranking evaluates the largest 100 cities in the country and ranks them based on several factors related to parks, including accessibility, funding, acreage and so on. The report cites the lack of accessibility to parks by residents of the Springs (about 70% of us living within a 10 minute walk of a park – top ranked Minneapolis has 97% of their residents within a 10 minute walk), and a lack of park funding as two reasons that the city’s ranking has slipped. We’ve covered park funding numerous times but it is still worth noting the impact; we can’t put parks closer to people because the city can’t afford to build and maintain them. [KRCC]

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