COS By The Numbers || Week of 9.24.2018


In this week’s show we sit down with members of SRAM to discuss the company and some of its initiatives in advancing women’s leadership – a topic that seems more relevant than ever as the majority group of 11 white men, members of the Republican party, are tasked with evaluating Supreme Court nominee (and incredibly douchey college bro) Bret Kavanaugh in light of him being accused by multiple women of sexual assault and impropriety. By advancing women leaders we advance their life experiences and outlooks and add a level of diversity to traditional male dominated landscapes – and make company leadership reflect what America’s population actually looks like.

In a body like the Senate, woefully dominated by old ass white men, we have entrenched a leadership body that can’t contextualize, let alone empathize, with Brett Kavanaugh’s accusers. At the end of this nomination process we will most likely have another white male Supreme Court justice, another group of women that have been deemed liars or worse, and further entrenchment of the current male dominated leadership model. Let’s build leadership teams that reflect our country – by supporting companies like SRAM, and advancing more women into the C-Suite.

Enough said – COS by the Numbers!

1,200 to 1,500

The estimated number of short term rental units, or “STRs”, located in COS that are on the verge of being regulated via a proposed ordinance working its way through the Colorado Springs Planning Commission. The ordinance has been altered numerous times through the public process – with the Commission continuing to receive input from residents both for, and against, the proliferation of STRs. To many it boils down to an issue of property rights, and for others it is a question about what their neighborhood looks like. We are going to dive into this topic during an upcoming show – underlying the STR debate are things long affordable housing and alternative business models. Stay tuned for that show, and in the meantime book those units people! Your days of the city no longer taking fees may soon be over. [The Independent]

36% to 67%

In Episode 148 we hosted a group of women from the bike component manufacturer SRAM to talk about the upcoming Camber Exchange that SRAM will be hosting in October. We also talked about the efforts of SRAM to be more conscious of advancing women leaders at the company. One of the craziest stats we talked about was the fact that when entering the workforce, white men make up about 36% of the working population, but over time will occupy 67% of the C-Suite positions in a company. While women make up about 48% of entry level population (the remaining percent being men of color), yet only occupy 21% of C-Suite positions in a company. This is, frankly, absurd. Check out the show to talk about how SRAM is addressing such issues, and meanwhile, oppose the continued entrenchment of shitty white male leadership – which brings us to:

Many dozens?

The number of other potential pro-life, pro-gun, anti-voting rights, white men that could be nominated to the Supreme Court to replace current nominee Brett Kavanaugh and save us all from whatever this nomination process has become. The Supreme Court is a lifetime appointment, with the power to greatly shape American life – probably not too big of an ask to have someone on there that hasn’t been accused of not only sexual assault but of literally lying to Congress! I don’t like Neil Gorsuch’s legal views, but at least we didn’t have to read stories about him whipping his d*ck out in college. Why in the world is the GOP so set on having this guy on the Court? The Concourse explains it nicely, so does this: []

0 for 3

The Save Cheyenne’s record in the Colorado courts as it sought to have the land swap between the City of Colorado Springs and the Broadmoor overturned. The Colorado Supreme Court has refused to hear the case, which means that the prior district court and appellate court rulings will stand. The Broadmoor holds a 8.4 acre building envelope within the 180+ acre Strawberry Hills property. The rest of the acreage is protected by a conservation easement. The Broadmoor is anticipated to begin construction on the building envelope in the near future. [The Gazette]

18 months

The anticipated public process duration for the “new” Waldo Canyon recreation area. The US Forest Service, along with the Rocky Mountain Field Institute and the Trails and Open Space Coalition are gathering public input in order to help create a plan for the newly reopened recreation area. A public survey asking for input can be found on One feature that you should probably not plan on seeing in the future is the parking lot off of Highway 24 that used to provide access to the open space. [The Gazette]

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