Episode 161: Issue 1 With Firefighters For a Safer Colorado Springs


Firefighters title

Darcie and Jeff sit down with representatives from Firefighters for a Safer Colorado Springs to discuss Ballot Issue 1, which will make an appearance on your ballot this spring.

John and Jason walk us through what, if passed, the initiative will provide for firefighters and the city, how it is different than a traditional “union”. We also review how public safety is funded in the city and how the city allocates these dollars to the fire department. It is a good discussion if you are a bit confused about Issue 1 and what it does.

For the full text of the measure you can head over to Ballotpedia.

You can also check out more details at www.safersprings.com and www.iafflocal5.com

Three questions!

Book: Marcus Aurelius Meditations (John), Wolf Nation (Jason)

Drink: Pliny the Elder (John), Local 5 Ale from Pikes Peak Brewing (Jason)

Place to go out:  Good Company (John), Paravicini’s (Jason)

Enjoy the show!


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