How to Win #LLSBookClub

The #LLSBookClub officially launched this year starting with American Wolf by Nate Blakeslee. With the launch of the second book of the year, How to Change Your Mind by Michael Pollan, we are also making it possible to win!

Each quarter, a new book will be announced and there will be three winners chosen – first, second, and third place. Places are determined by the number of points you get during the quarter. The people with the most points at the end of the quarter get prizes like The Little London Show swag, free stuff from local businesses, and awesome experiences. If you have ever participated in Dryanuary, you know we are really good at giving prizes.

To get points you must:

  1. Commit to reading the book!
  2. Show us that you, indeed, got the book. Audio, library, purchase, borrow, or otherwise, show us you have your copy in person at an official LLS event, or on social media using #LLSBookClub. (1 point)
  3. Keep us updated on your progress. Post using the #LLSBookClub hashtag and/or tagging The Little London Show. (Make sure your permissions allow us to see your post!) (1 point each post, maximum of 8 points per book)
  4. Come hang out. Attend any official LLS event and check in with someone from the show (3 points for coming to the event!) Also, if you wear any LLS swag to the event you get an extra point!
  5. Engage in conversations via social media. When LLS posts a topic or discussion point, respond and comment. (2 points for responses)

As always, Darcie and Jeff have discretionary points to award, so get creative to ensure you get the goodies.

Winners will be determined by points received over the course of the quarter. Prizes will be announced throughout the quarter along with opportunities to connect.

Follow The Little London Show on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and your favorite podcast platform so you don’t miss a chance to win!

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