We believe in what we are doing and we want you to believe, too. In an effort to be upfront and transparent we provide the following information every month: Gross income, net income and a list of paying sponsors. Have questions? Just send us an email at and we will get back to you. Thanks for listening!

2017 YTD (updated monthly): Gross Income $450.00 || Net income $230.30
January 2017

Gross Revenue: $450.00 || EOM Net Balance: $230.30

Sponsors:  La’aus Taco Shop,  Wild Goose Meeting House

February 2017

Gross Revenue: $325.00 || EOM Net Balance: $157.00

Sponsors: Ryan Graham Homes, Epicentral Co-working

MARCH 2017

Sponsors: Lee SpiritsRyan Graham Homes, Epicentral Co-working