The Show

The Little London Show is a weekly half-hour radio program dedicated to looking at Colorado Springs through a young professional’s point of view. We ask questions about everything from public policy to breweries, pot-holes to running trails. Our goal is to dive into what makes Colorado Springs the city it is now, and where it may be heading.

Listen to the show live on KCMJ 93.9 or on demand here.

About the Name

Little London was one of the nicknames given to our city back when it was a haven of art, creativity, and culture on the edge of the Wild West. We feel that Colorado Springs is on the verge of once again being a haven for art, for businesses, for creativity and for culture – but only if we all raise our voices and support the things we love. What do you support? Let us know! We want to talk about it on air.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Rebecca Arndt says:

    I am one of the police officers involved in discrimination lawsuit with CSPD. Would love to be part of your podcast to also add a different perspective to support your podcast with Ian.


    1. d.lynn. says:

      Rebecca. Sorry we just saw this. Can you email me?


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