Episode 17: Catching up and Looking Towards 2016

A few updates and then a look towards the future. There is some positive momentum in our little town, so, what could 2016 look like for COS? We share our dreams of the future. Join the conversation on The Little London Show Facebook page.

Episode 15: Why We Love Our City

There’s a lot to love about Colorado Springs. Tune in as we talk best places, events and happenings of 2015. It’s the warmest, fuzziest episode of The Little London Show yet!!

Most Popular Episode – August 2015

Thanks to everyone for tuning in to the first month of The Little London Show on KCMJ.org (and soon to be KCMJ 93.9FM). The most listened to show – and most talked about – ¬†for the entire month of August was “Where are all the Bike Lanes?”

Introducing #KeepItClassyCOS

We love to hear from our listeners and we know that you have a lot of interesting (read delightful, surprising, frustrating, annoying or unbelievable) experiences to share about living in Colorado Springs.