Episode 56: Tech Addiction

On August 27 the New York Post published an article written by Dr. Nicholas Kardaras titled It’s Digital Heroin: How Screens Turn Kids into Psychotic Junkies.¬†Shortly after, The Verge published a rebuttal, pulling apart Dr. Kardaras’ arguments. Written by Rachel Becker, Why Calling Screentime ‘Digital Heroin’ is Digital Garbage, brings up some important points about…

BONUS POD: 5280 Magazine & Our Chamber of Commerce Pins

5280 Magazine published a not-so-accurate (IOHO) article about Colorado Springs recently, to which the Colorado Springs Business Journal responded, a Twitter dialog ensued, blood began to boil and heart-rates rose. What is our take on the whole debacle? Listen in and we’ll let you know . . . This episode is only available via podcast….

Episode 25: The Bro Show!

We put Jeff and his bro Daniel in the studio to talk all things family, lots of sports, and a host of other topics. Would you let your kid play football? Do you watch the SuperBowl? Does working from home really work? We cover it all on The Bro Show!

Episode 21: The Year of the Healthy City

Colorado Springs has a legacy of health. Established and known as a health resort in the late 1800s and early 1900s, we have maintained a certain level of fitness and attracted many who¬†appreciate and take advantage of the active outdoor lifestyle that is offered here. What would it mean to further embrace this legacy and…

Episode 20: Building Colorado Springs

For our last show of 2015 we sit down to talk with Russ Ware and Yemi Mobolade. In a free ranging conversation we touch on Liquor Board hearings, how the downtown core is developing and where Russ and Yemi see Colorado Springs going in 2016. We also hear about a great new coffee spot currently…

Episode 17: Catching up and Looking Towards 2016

A few updates and then a look towards the future. There is some positive momentum in our little town, so, what could 2016 look like for COS? We share our dreams of the future. Join the conversation on The Little London Show Facebook page.

Episode 15: Why We Love Our City

There’s a lot to love about Colorado Springs. Tune in as we talk best places, events and happenings of 2015. It’s the warmest, fuzziest episode of The Little London Show yet!!