Dryanuary 2017!



People! You have almost survived! We are into the LAST weekend of Dryanuary 2017. You’ve made us proud! The current ticket totals are below along with the current in/out list. Oh yeah, we are throwing you a party!

PARTY!!! February 7th, 2017 at 6:30PM at the Burrowing Owl. Be there.

Share your adventures with us, either in person, over here, on Facebook, via email or Twitter. We will also send out emails reminding you to share your #DRYANUARYCOS2017 stories. Look out for an email every Friday wrapping up the week.

The brave souls of Dryanuary 2017:

Jeff M. (18 days) (6 tickets) Shana B. (20 days) (5 tickets) Richard B. (14 days) (6 tickets)
Alicia P. (22 days) (7 tickets)                                        Drew J. (7 days) (5 tickets) Trevor S. (7 tickets)
Darcie N. (22 days) (7 tickets) Darrell M. (7 tickets) Jan B. (8 tickets)
Ryan H. (5 days) (2 tickets) Jacen S. (8 tickets) Caroline R. (7 tickets)
Ariel F. (7 tickets) Brenda S. (7 tickets) John P. (12 days) (3 tickets)
Vanessa S. (1 day) (2 tickets) Daniel M. (7 tickets) Wes T. (12 days) (2 tickets)
Katie B. (7 days) (3 tickets) Brian V. (7 tickets) Cully R. (24 days) (9 tickets)
Laura T. (7 days) Hailey R. (9 tickets) Kevin W. (24 days) (11 tickets)
Dionne R. (1 day) (1 ticket) DC Jim (1 day) (1 ticket) Aaron S. (24 days) (8 tickets)
Carrie S. (1 day) (2 tickets) Bobby M. (15 days) (4 tickets) Allen B. (24 days) (10 tickets)
Troy D. (8 tickets) Mark T. (12 days) (2 tickets) CeCe B. (7 tickets)
Jacquie M. (6 days) (2 tickets) Kim T. (7 tickets) Neil M. (7 tickets)
Katie T. (9 tickets) Mark B. (7 tickets Tony G. (14 days) (4 tickets)
Dean J. (19 days) (6 tickets) John H. (9 tickets)  Mattea (13 tickets)

Come and get your tickets!

Do you!

What you did


You signed up for Dryanuary 2017 You literally signed up. Congratulations! Your SAT coach would be proud 1 ticket
Let LLS Gear show! You wore some LLS gear and threw a picture of it up on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. This obviously requires you to have LLS gear. You can do that here. 3 tickets
Get social The hashtag is #Dryanuary2017COS. You posted something on social media and tagged that shit up. Nice. 1 ticket
One week strong! You made it a whole week without drinking. Child’s play 1 ticket
Two weeks strong! Things are getting serious! Your friends are concerned, your partner is getting annoyed and you still haven’t had a drink. 2 tickets
Three weeks strong! Have you noticed how well you are sleeping?! Three weeks is no easy feat. Almost there! 3 tickets
Four weeks strong! Hot damn you are serious about this! Nice work. 4 tickets
Finisher! You see what you did here? You fucking kicked ass and made it 31 days without drinking. Nice job! 5 tickets

The Sub-Contests

What you did


Best absolute fail Awarded to the person who utterly failed Dryanuary, and failed big. You have to be dry for six days before you fail in order to win this category. 3 tickets
Least supportive spouse/partner. Sometimes your loved one doesn’t like it when you don’t drink. Who’s loved one is the absolute WORST?! 3 tickets
Closest call You will be tempted. Tell us HOW you were tempted, and how you got away. 3 tickets