Dryanuary 2018!


It’s back!

Dryanuary 2018 is here! The competition starts when you wake up January 1, 2018. Sign up now over here.

What is Dryanuary? It’s a competition where you commit to NOT drinking for a month (January, if you didn’t put that together), try to outlast your friends and end up with a party and booze at the end. It’s hella fun and we can’t wait to get started for year two!

This year’s scoring system is below for your reference and preparation. This is how your efforts are turned into tickets that get you free shit and fun prizes.

We are gathering the swag and giveaways and organizing the party. Let’s make it through the holiday gauntlet, take a bit of a drinking sabbatical, and then reward ourselves with a fun party and bottles of booze.

Share your adventures with us, either in person, on Instagram, on Facebook, or Twitter. Always use the hashtag and/or tag The Little London Show so you get rewarded for your efforts. We will also send out emails reminding you to share your #DRYANUARYCOS stories. Look out for an email every Friday wrapping up the week.


Do you! What you did Tickets
You signed up for Dryanuary 2018 You literally signed up. Congratulations! Your SAT coach would be proud 1 ticket
Top Ten! You were one of the first ten to sign up for Dryanuary 2018. BOOM. 2 tickets
This is your second Dryanuary IN A ROW You’ve entered the gauntlet more than once. Good on you. 2 tickets
The LLS Gear show! You wore some LLS gear and threw a picture of it up on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. This obviously requires you to have LLS gear. You can do that here. 3 tickets
Referred! Someone referred you to Dryanuary. Or you referred someone to Dryanuary. Either way, you both get a ticket! 1 ticket
Get social The hashtag is #DryanuaryCOS. You posted something on social media and tagged that shit up. Nice. 1 ticket
One week strong! You made it a whole week without drinking. Child’s play 1 ticket
Two weeks strong! Things are getting serious! Your friends are concerned. Your partner is getting annoyed You still haven’t had a drink. 2 tickets
Three weeks strong! Have you noticed how well you are sleeping?! Three weeks is no easy feat. Almost there! 3 tickets
Four weeks strong! Hot damn you are serious about this! Nice work. 4 tickets
Finisher! You see what you did here? You fucking kicked ass and made it 31 days without drinking. Nice job! 5 tickets
The Sub-Contests What you did Tickets
Best absolute fail Awarded to the person who utterly failed Dryanuary, and failed big. You have to be dry for six days before you fail in order to win this category. 3 tickets
Least supportive spouse/partner. Sometimes your loved one doesn’t like it when you don’t drink. Who’s loved one is the absolute WORST?! 3 tickets
Best Dryanuary name We think of our listeners as creative, smart people. Show us by coming up with a killer Dryanuary name for yourself 3 tickets