Episode 22: What is Up With The USOC?

Inspired by Friend of the Show JT’s constant griping about the United States Olympic Committee we decide to take a deep dive into what the USOC is doing in Colorado Springs. How did the Committee end up in our city? What does it contribute to the city economically? Is the USOC good for Colorado Springs?…

Episode 21: The Year of the Healthy City

Colorado Springs has a legacy of health. Established and known as a health resort in the late 1800s and early 1900s, we have maintained a certain level of fitness and attracted many who appreciate and take advantage of the active outdoor lifestyle that is offered here. What would it mean to further embrace this legacy and…

Episode 20: Building Colorado Springs

For our last show of 2015 we sit down to talk with Russ Ware and Yemi Mobolade. In a free ranging conversation we touch on Liquor Board hearings, how the downtown core is developing and where Russ and Yemi see Colorado Springs going in 2016. We also hear about a great new coffee spot currently…

Episode 18: Guns in America – How Did We Get Here?

 The gun situation in America is a hot topic in the national dialogue and remains a emotional one for many. In this episode we take a step back from the emotion and look at the raw facts and numbers to look at how we got to this point, how other countries deal with guns and why…

Episode 17: Catching up and Looking Towards 2016

A few updates and then a look towards the future. There is some positive momentum in our little town, so, what could 2016 look like for COS? We share our dreams of the future. Join the conversation on The Little London Show Facebook page.

Episode 16: Celebrating the Makers, Crafters and Cultural Pioneers

This episode we are joined by the one-and-only Mundi Ross, the founder of both salt+butter co. and Colorado Collective, mom to a one-year-old and wife of a whiskey maker!  There is even a special interview with Mountain Fold Books, too! All the good things for your ears as we spread some Colorado Springs love this season.

Episode 13: Who Keeps our Parks Lookin’ Good?

Join us as we talk about one of our favorite things about living in Colorado Springs – PARKS! (And trails and open spaces) Who takes care of them? Who visits them? What’s the weirdest thing ever found in a park?

Episode 11: Dear City Council, What Do You Do?

In this episode Councilwoman Jill Gaebler  (@jillgaebler) gives us an inside look at Colorado Springs City Council (@COSCityCouncil). Ever want to know how it really works or who is throwing temper tantrums? This show is for you!

Two More Things about TABOR…

Jeff and I are not tax or budget experts. We have a hard time just saying numbers sometimes, but we do our best to bring you the most accurate information and some amateur analysis on the state of our little city. After airing the latest two episodes – City Budget One-oh-Fun and What the F***…

Episode 10: What the F*** is TABOR?

Diving into the city budget last episode piqued our interest about Colorado’s Tax Payer Bill of Rights, or TABOR. So we wanted to know: “What the F*UCK actually is TABOR?” Join us as we delve into TABOR, how it affects every city, town and municipality in Colorado and the people and groups that support it….