Episode 12: We Have A Soccer Team?!?

Join Jeff and Mark Turner from the Back Chat Podcast as they discuss Colorado Springs’s very own professional soccer team, the Switchbacks!

Episode 10: What the F*** is TABOR?

Diving into the city budget last episode piqued our interest about Colorado’s Tax Payer Bill of Rights, or TABOR. So we wanted to know: “What the F*UCK actually is TABOR?” Join us as we delve into TABOR, how it affects every city, town and municipality in Colorado and the people and groups that support it….

Episode 9: City Budget 101 (or One-oh-FUN!)

It is the kick-off of October Ballot Bingo Extravaganza! This episode, City Budget 101 (or, as I like to call it, City Budget One-oh-FUN!) is your first chance to listen and win.  Get all the details on playing along and how to win HERE. In this episode we dive deep into the City Budget bringing you…