Episode 61: WTF Is On The Ballot? (Part 2)

This week we dive into four more items on the ballot in November: Amendment 71: Requirements for Constitutional Amendment Amendment 72: Increase Cigarette and Tobacco Taxes Proposition 106: Access to Medical Aid-in-Dying Medication Amendment T: No Exception to Involuntary Servitude Prohibition If you have received the Blue Book in the mail and thought to yourself…

Episode 51: Conventions Recap!

We dove into the ins and outs, what was circus-y and what was normal, what to know and what to expect. Tune in this week to the Conventions Recap! In this episode Jeff argues that this whole convention/presidential candidate thing is pretty normal – democracy is messy! We deep dive into some of the statements…

Get the Info You Need and Caucus Today!

It’s Super Tuesday! Yay! Today is the day that we can get to our precincts and show our support for Presidential candidates as well as experience the enthusiasm of other voters in our community. Caucuses are not like any other part of the voting or civic engagement process in the United States. They are special, and specially…

Episode 11: Dear City Council, What Do You Do?

In this episode Councilwoman Jill Gaebler  (@jillgaebler) gives us an inside look at Colorado Springs City Council (@COSCityCouncil). Ever want to know how it really works or who is throwing temper tantrums? This show is for you!

Episode 10: What the F*** is TABOR?

Diving into the city budget last episode piqued our interest about Colorado’s Tax Payer Bill of Rights, or TABOR. So we wanted to know: “What the F*UCK actually is TABOR?” Join us as we delve into TABOR, how it affects every city, town and municipality in Colorado and the people and groups that support it….