Episode 151: 8 Steps to Reduce Homelessness In Colorado Springs

This week we have Andrew Phelps in the studio, the city’s Homelessness Prevention and Response Coordinator. He has spent much of the last year putting together an eight point plan to help reduce homelessness in COS. In this episode we walk through the different proposals in the plan, why they are there and the specific…

Episode 82: WTF Is Up With U.S. Maternity Leave?

  The United States is many things, but kind to new mothers and fathers it is most definitely NOT. The US is only one of two countries in the entire WORLD that does not require paid maternity leave. Adequate maternity leave is a big deal! It most likely leads to better economic development and lower…

Episode 57: A DC Native’s Take on COS

Jeff’s longtime friend Jim grew up in Washington, DC, a city that is quickly gentrifying and becoming one of the country’s hot spots for restaurants, music and culture. About six months ago Jim decided to pack his bags, and for the first time in his life live somewhere outside of DC. He chose Colorado Springs….

Episode 25: The Bro Show!

We put Jeff and his bro Daniel in the studio to talk all things family, lots of sports, and a host of other topics. Would you let your kid play football? Do you watch the SuperBowl? Does working from home really work? We cover it all on The Bro Show!